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Chavis Septic Services provides fresh water solutions to supply and maintain your water hook-up needs when other water and sewer connections are not available. We provide state-of-the-art Fresh Water Systems mounted on towable trailers which can provide complete mobility to deliver fresh water and sewer hook-ups to you no matter where your job is at. This is especially useful for remote or temporary office locations, sales trailers, and emergency responses. Service frequencies vary and can adjust to your specific, onsite needs.

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Chavis Septic Services provides innovative and state-of-the-art Fresh Water Units that can match any need you may have with getting a plumbing system set up on any temporary construction or other work site.

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A 300-gallon portable waste tank is included with every Fresh Water Unit that is rented. Delivery and set up includes connecting the waste tank into the construction trailer or other structure onsite that needs to safely flush away dirty water. The waste tank is highly portable and can be stowed away out of site and out of the work area so it does not get in the way of other on-site operations. The included carbon filter ventilation system keeps smells away so there is no disturbance to the crew onsite.

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Our clean and compact design keeps your site looking neat. With most of the components located inside of the trailer, there is very little interference to you so you can keep other operations running smooth and clutter free.

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Our engineered layout and convenient design means our services are short and do not interfere with daily operations to your work site. With each quick and short service from our technician, you are topped off with 300 gallons of fresh water and an empty, odor-free waste tank. Service frequencies generally range from once a week to once a month. Call us today to discuss the service options that are right for you! 410-838-1200