Grease Trap Pumping and Maintenance

Grease traps collect FOGs (fats, oils, and grease) that flow through restaurants and other commercial establishments. It prevents FOGs from flowing into the sewer system where it could clog up and cause problems.

Chavis Septic Services offers all your grease trap pumping and maintenance needs in Harford and Baltimore Counties. We are licensed to clean, pump, haul, and dispose of grease trap byproduct in Harford County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County, Carroll County, Anne Arundel County, and Cecil County, Maryland. We are also licensed in York County and Chester County, Pennsylvania. Let us know if you would like to set up a contract.

Grease trap waste must be properly pumped and disposed of by a licensed company like Chavis Septic Services. Most local Health Departments actually regulate this required pumping. Preventing problems by contracting a company to regularly maintain your grease trap keep things flowing smoothly. Neglecting the grease trap is costly and unpleasant in the long term.

How is a grease trap cleaned?

When a grease interceptor is pumped and cleaned, a technician vacuums out the tank. The top layer of the grease trap is where most of the fats and grease collect and this forms a thick, solid layer. The technician begins by breaking this layer up while pumping it out. Sometimes, a large chunk of grease sticks to the side of the tank and needs to be scraped off. Upon emptying the tank, it is then back flushed to break up and stir and remaining solids and pumped back out again.

The technician then inspects the tank to make sure it is structurally sound and does not have any problems or concerns.

How often does a grease trap need cleaned?

Depending on the size of the grease trap and how much usage it receives, the frequency of pumping and cleaning varies slightly. Larger establishments with high usage may need to pump a grease trap monthly, while part time establishments with minimal usage may only need service twice a year. In Harford County, the average service frequency for a standard restaurant is every three months, or four times per year.

Grease Disposal

Chavis Septic Services disposes of all grease and sewage at permitted wastewater treatment plants. In Harford County, this is Sod Run Wastewater Treatment Plant. Special grease disposal areas allow for the safe and proper disposal of all grease trap waste.

Who We Service

Chavis Septic Services provides grease trap pumping contracts from chain and family-owned restaurants to individual food establishments.

We offer to service outside of normal business hours so that we do not disrupt your business operations during the day. We will inspect your system to ensure everything is working properly and provide you with a work ticket with any notes taken onsite.

Looking to have your grease trap pumped? Call Chavis Septic Services at 410-838-1200 to discuss your needs.