Grease Trap Pumping and Maintenance

Chavis Septic Services provides grease trap pumping contracts

Chavis Septic Services offers all your grease trap pumping and maintenance needs in Harford and Baltimore Counties. We are licensed to clean, pump, haul, and dispose of grease trap byproduct in Harford County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County, Carroll County, and Cecil County, Maryland.

Grease trap waste must be properly pumped and disposed of by a licensed company like Chavis Septic Services. Prevent problems by contracting a company to regularly maintain your grease trap periodically to keep things flowing smoothly. Neglecting the grease trap is costly and unpleasant, should a problem arise.


Who We Service

Chavis Septic Services provides grease trap pumping contracts from chain and family-owned restaurants to individual food establishments.

We offer to service outside of normal business hours so that we do not disrupt your business operations during the day. We will inspect your system to ensure everything is working properly and provide you with a work ticket with any notes taken onsite.

Looking to have your grease trap pumped? Call Chavis Septic Services at 410-838-1200 to discuss your needs.