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Importance of Septic Pumping


Septic tanks were designed to separate the solids from the liquids. Pumping helps to remove those solids when they are at full capacity.


Septic pumping is a necessity if you own a septic system. Your septic tank is collecting solids and preventing them from clogging up your drainfields. Drainfields are a sensitive part of a septic system, as well as an expensive one. If you fail to pump the tank every so often, these solids are going to build up to full capacity. At this point, solids will begin to overflow into the drainfield, causing damage to it.


Just because your septic tank isn’t causing strain inside the house does not mean it is working okay outside. Your septic tank could be full and pushing solids into your drainfield. This causes a huge decrease on the lifespan of the drainfield. So if you are not regularly pumping and cleaning your septic tank and think everything is okay, you will likely be the first one to have failed drainfields. By the time you realize they are failed and you didn’t have your septic pumped, it is too late. The drainfields need replaced.


So remember, you want to trap the solids in your septic tank, not your drainfields.


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