Get answers to your portable restroom’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) right here!

How often does my portable restroom get cleaned?

  • For construction rentals, regular cleanings are completed once a week, during which we thoroughly clean and restock the restroom leaving it clean and smelling fresh. Additional cleanings can be requested.
  • For party rentals, the unit is cleaned prior to drop off and fully stocked upon arrival. Depending on the duration and attendance of your event, additional cleanings may be recommended.

Note: Please be sure to know that party units are kept separate from construction units, and have never been used on construction sites before.

Are the restroom units handicap accessible?

  • We recommend our ADA compliant, handicap accessible units whenever it is a possibility someone in a wheelchair may need access to the toilet. Our Standard Units do not have the space required for a wheelchair to enter. But our specialized Handicap Units do, and ensures that your guests will be able to go when nature calls!

Where does the waste go after it has been pumped?

  • We dispose of all waste at local waste water facilities where it is disposed of according to county regulations and procedures.

Is there a minimum or maximum rental term length?

  • No! You can rent a Jippy Johns Portable Restroom for however short or long you need it for. Having a party in a public park and don’t want to leave it out overnight? No problem, we’ll drop it off and pick it up the same day! Want an outhouse down at the barn? No Problem, keep it there for as long as you wish!

How do you manage portable restrooms in exteme weather conditions?

  • In extreme heat, strengthened sanitizers are used to combat the heat. This ensures your unit stays smelling fresh and pleasant through even the worst heat waves.
  • In extreme cold, earth friendly tactics are used to keep the water from freezing. In addition to the regular sanitizers, a combination of saltwater or methanol may be used to keep things liquidy fresh.

If you have any additional questions not listed here, please give us a call at 410-838-1200.