Septic Inspection Procedures

Septic inspection procedures involveĀ a multi-step process. A list of steps is closely followed to ensure that every septic system inspected receives a detailed and thorough inspection.

During a septic inspection and evaluation, we be sure to complete the following:

  • Request property and septic records from the County
  • Evaluate the age of each system component
  • Locate the home’s plumbing fixtures and ensure everything is connected to the septic system according to code
  • Determine if the home uses any high-efficiency appliances that benefit the septic system
  • Determine if the home has a garbage disposal in use
  • Determine what type of piping is used in the sewer line
  • Locate and access the septic tank
  • Determine the composure of the septic tank
  • Verify baffles are intact
  • Check other components of the septic system between the tank and the soil absorption system
  • Determine what type of piping is used in the effluent line
  • Examine the condition of the soil absorption system

When needing a septic inspection, be sure to call Chavis Septic Services at 410-838-1200 for the best inspections!