Be Septic Smart

Soil Absorption Systems


Soil absorption systems are considered the most important part of a septic system. This is the area of the septic system where the effluent disperses into the soil, filtering through it and cleansing it until reaches a source of water where it is carried away.


Soil absorption systems are different on every property. Your neighbor could have a very different system than you. Some properties may have conventional systems, such as drainfields or drywells. Others may have what are referred to as alternative systems, such as a pump chamber pumping into a sand mound, or a time-dosed pump that sends a very specific amount of effluent into a field at a very specific time.


As technology evolves, so does every industry. Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems (OSDS) and septic systems are no exception. While a conventional system is most common, cases are becoming increasingly common that require the need for alternative systems.