Septic System Repairs

Chavis Septic Services offers septic system repair services including septic tanks, septic pipes, outlet baffles, grease traps, filters, pumps, manhole covers, drain fields and more. Even with the best of septic maintenance plans, problems will arise. If you notice your septic system is running slowly, water backups in the sink when you run the dishwasher or washing machine, or a flooded septic tank (leaking sewage on the surface), give us a call.

Diagnosing the problem with septic systems is easier if there is a manhole cover to allow access to the outlet end of the septic tank and the tank itself. Most of the times, even without a manhole cover, we can diagnose a septic system problem without excavating. But in some rare cases, excavation maybe necessary to diagnose the septic problem.

All repairs and replacements of septic systems and septic tanks are done according to county and state code.


Typical Septic System Repairs Include:

  • pipe cleaning
  • pipe replacement
  • baffle replacement
  • septic tank replacements
  • septic tank riser installations and retrofits
  • distribution box replacements
  • pump system diagnostics and repairs
  • failed system evaluations
  • sand mound low pressure dose pump repair
  • pump float switch replacement
  • tank locating service
  • septic tank pumping
  • full replacement of septic systems
  • BAT septic systems installation
    • Norweco Singulair Bio-Kinetic
    • Septi-Tech
    • Hoot

Sometimes the problem with septic systems is relatively simple, as in a broken pipe, or leaky septic tank. At other times, especially with older septic systems and older drain fields, the solution is a new septic system. We’ll diagnose the issues, and go over your options before beginning a septic system repair or replacement.

Call us today at 410-838-1200 for all your septic tank or full septic system repair needs.